The February 2015 short film is ARMS TRADE

The story was developed by James Morgan, Josh Pappenheim, and Chris Parker during the AOTS script development meetings.

After a heavy night of drinking, best friends Troy and Sean awake to find they have mysteriously swapped arms. A comedy short from Action On The Side.


We will be shooting NEXT WEEKEND (14-15 February), and need your help in finding a location.

We’re looking for two bedrooms and a lounge to shoot in all weekend (9am-10pm Saturday and Sunday). This may also be one bedroom that we can dress to look like two bedrooms.

Note this is not a student production; we are industry professionals. We can provide a reference from a homeowner who has previously let us film in their home on two separate occasions.

You will be credited and will be invited to our film screening on 28 February (friends as well).

If you have a location or know of one, please let us know: message Patricia ( ) or Candace ( candace.little(at) )