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October 2018 project now November 2018

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Dear all,

An opportunity has come up for us on the first weekend of October. Because of this, in discussion with the participants who have already registered for our next project, we have decided to postpone the October 2018 project to November 2018.

The dates for the next project are as follows:

Weekend 1 Preproduction: 03/04 November

Weekend 2 Production: 10/11 November

Weekend 3 Postproduction: 17/18 November

Weekend 4 Screening: 25 November

Register here

Video pitch your script

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Preproduction Day 1 is when we select the script(s) for the film(s) we will make for the month’s project. Scriptwriters pitch their script ideas. Anyone can pitch an idea. We then shortlist the ideas, read through shortlisted scripts, discuss and select the idea.

In the past, some project participants have not been able to attend Preproduction Day 1.

Rather than miss out on pitching, we have accepted video pitches.

Video pitches can either be prerecorded or a Skype call can be arranged.

Video pitch from Ryan Bennett @actionontheside

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To submit a video pitch:

  • Make sure you are registered for the project. Once you have registered, you will be added to our private Facebook group, where you can introduce yourself and share your script.
  • Prerecorded: Send your video to
    • Upload your video pitch unlisted to YouTube or Vimeo. Send the Unlisted link to the Organiser. OR
    • Before Preproduction Day 1, email a Dropbox or Google Drive link to your video to the Organiser.
  • Skype: contact the organiser to arrange a time to skype in. You must have a webcam and microphone.

Video pitches are a maximum 5 minutes.

In your pitch, outline:

  • The film’s title;
  • The film’s logline;
  • The film’s genre;
  • What the key beats are (briefly what happens);
  • Where you are at with the script;
  • Why we should make your film;
  • Challenges with making your film.

    • Chris pitching by video


We also accept Pitches to Direct by video, in the event that a participant cannot attend Preproduction Day 2.

Can I pitch my film without taking part in the project?

Effectively yes, you can pitch a short film idea without taking part in making the film.

However you must still register for Preproduction Day 1, regardless of whether your film is selected or not. Your fee will help to make the film, and cannot be refunded.

If your film is selected you must either rewrite the script based on our development notes by  Preproduction Day 2, or allow a co-writer from the group to rewrite your script.

If you have any questions about this process, email

AOTS Canterbury

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Film in Canterbury, Kent

Action On The Side (AOTS) is proud to bring our bespoke film production project to Canterbury

Make a short film this May Spring Bank Holiday Weekend

For the first time ever, the AOTS film project runs outside London.

Saturday 27 May is pitching, script selection, development, & preproduction
Sunday 28 May is shooting and editing
Monday 29 May is postproduction and a screening

The Action On The Side project is an opportunity for filmmakers to:

– develop filmmaking skills in a real-world on-set experience, with guidance and support from an experienced film educator and short form content producer;
– grow their network by working with new filmmakers;
– gain showreel content and credits by working on a film that actually gets made

You get the opportunity to pitch your own film script. Your film could get made!

Join our Canterbury Film Group – Link Here
A group for all Kent filmmakers (if you can’t take part in this project)


Making time to shoot
Action On The Side is structured to allow people who are passionate about film to team up and make films, even if they have to fit it around work or studying. If you want to work on your project throughout the week too then we won’t stop you!

Like-minded people….
and non-like-minded people. Film is a collaborative medium and works best when everybody brings their own areas of expertise to a project. We aim to mix talent from one field with others outside their usual circle of contacts.

Finish it
Lack of a deadline can lead to projects dragging on and on.. The intensive (but not impossible) constraints of Action On The Side force filmmakers to be realistic with their aims and results in a finished piece of work at the end of the month.


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be added to a private group, where you can develop and start building your project to pitch during the Preproduction Weekend.

We are looking for scripts that can be shot within a day. This means max. 7 pages.

New vlogs

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In the lead-up to the June 2016 project, we’ve started vlogging. Check out this video about the Action On The Side project

I want to create film, let's get together and: Make it happen!