We are proud to announce our July 2019 short film is REDEMPRATOL The film is written by Anthony McKernan, and will be directed by Sabina Jany Redempratol is a sci-fi that asks the question: would you take a pill that allows you to forgive? And what happens to the inventor of this pill when she […]

New website

Welcome to our new website! Our previous website had a php issue, so we’ve taken this opportunity to update the site. Please bear with us while we tinker. The site should be more dynamic and easier to navigate. In the meantime, why don’t you register for our July project? Let us know what you think..

Video pitch your script

Preproduction Day 1 is when we select the script(s) for the film(s) we will make for the month’s project. Scriptwriters pitch their script ideas. Anyone can pitch an idea. We then shortlist the ideas, read through shortlisted scripts, discuss and select the idea. In the past, some project participants have not been able to attend […]