October 2013

ActionOnTheSide – October 2013 Completed!

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This time we made three films, two of which are related..

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Soap (2013)

SOAP – The UK’s leading brand of home cleaning products. Nothing washes away your troubles like SOAP, because it’s purely for you.

Writer : Paul Seidenstecher
Director : Ben Grady
Producer : James Doherty
DOP / Gaffer : Nathan Barker
1st AD : James Doherty
Sound recording : Fiona Young / Paul Seidenstecher
Makeup : Claudia Gardner-Pickett
Production design : Amadine Kaya
Editor : Olga Lagun
Colour / vfx : Olga Lagun
Composer : Ben Grady
Sound Design : Ben Grady
Donovan Wilson : Guy
Fiona Young : Shop Assistant

WhosApp (2013)

WhosApp from Patricia Hetherington on Vimeo.





Facetracker PSA (2013)

Facetracker from Patricia Hetherington on Vimeo.





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