One Month Filmmaking Project

Action On The Side is a weekend filmmaking project designed to get people together and creating one short film in a month.

It runs three times a year in London.

Making time to shoot

Action On The Side is structured to allow people who are passionate about film to team up and make films, even if they have to fit it around work or studying. If you want to work on your project throughout the week too then we won’t stop you!

Like-minded people..

..and non-like-minded people. Film is a collaborative medium and works best when everybody brings their own areas of expertise to a project. We aim to mix talent from one field with others outside their usual circle of contacts.

Finish it

Lack of a deadline can lead to projects dragging on and on.. The intensive (but not impossible) constraints of Action On The Side force filmmakers to be realistic with their aims and results in a finished piece of work at the end of the month.


How do I sign up?

Taking part in the project is easy.

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