Phonebox from Patricia Hetherington on Vimeo.

PHONEBOX was made as part of the Action On The Side one month short film project, October 2016.
The film was selected on 01/02 October, shot on 15/16 October, and completed on 30 October.

Written by Rosie Grant
Directed by Camille Pellicer (in her directorial debut)

Dora Zazy (SUSAN)
Stine Olsen (GHOST)
Laurie Kearns (CLEANER)
Camille Pellicer (PEDESTRIAN)

Camille Pellicer (Director)
Rosie Grant (Writer, First AD)
Patricia Hetherington (Executive Producer, Sound Designer)
Laurie Kearns (Producer)
Stine Olsen (Production Asst)
Gavin Farlie (Director of Photography, Editor)
Joanna Pope (Camera Asst)
Chris Parker (Clapper Loader)
Camran Mirza (Clapper Loader)
Adriana Lopez (Script Supervisor)
Jabari Sandy (Sound Recordist)
Francesca Ioppolo (Special Effects, Hair & Makeup Artist)
Chris Bourton (Stills)


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