The world of a woman suffering from dementia is turned upside down when she receives the latest postcard from her partner. A mystery drama about family and loss.

The 21st short film by Action On The Side, this film was made in March 2018:

  • Preproduction weekend: 03/04 March 2018
  • Production weekend: 10/11 March 2018
  • Premiere Screening: Saturday 7 April 2018

Join us for the screening



  • Stine Olsen (Anna)
  • Isabella Stevenson-Olds (Sara)
  • Marina Kolokolova (Petra, Alexa voice)


  • Cristina Mindroiu (Writer, Director)
  • Patricia Hetherington (Producer, Sound Designer)
  • Alicia Suarez (First Assistant Director)
  • Leyla Alizada (Production Assistant)
  • Gavin Farlie (Director of Photography, Editor)
  • Chris Hosker (First Assistant Camera)
  • Layla Romic (Camera Assistant, Lighting Technician)
  • Jabari Sandy¬†(Camera Assistant, Lighting Technician)
  • Camran Mirza¬†(Camera Assistant, Lighting Technician)
  • Hamed Torabi (Sound Recordist)
  • Ali Kazai (Sound Recordist)
  • Rebecca Whyte (Makeup Artist)
  • Inez Clark (Makeup Artist)
  • Chris Bourton (Stills Photographer)
  • Leon Salem (Composer)


  • St Margaret’s House
  • Chris Ahmad
  • Alex Newman
  • Raindance