How do I sign up?

Make sure you’re on the Action On The Side mailing list and register for the project at this link here.

To take part in the Action On The Side one-month short film project, you need to pay the fee.

What happens once I sign up?

Once the fee has been paid, we invite you to a private facebook group for the project. You will also be added to a subgroup in the AOTS mailing list. As we near the start of the project, you’ll receive special emails, with directions and documents, all you need to prepare for the first weekend.

What do I agree to by signing up?

By signing up, you agree to take part in the Action On The Side one-month film project.

We make the short films with the aim of building our experience and our credits. Once the films have been made, they will be released online, and we may enter them into film festivals and set up IMDb credits.

By taking part in the project, you:

  • agree to be credited for your part in the film(s);
  • understand that there is no financial reimbursement for your role in the film(s).

There are additional agreements dependent on your role on the project. These will need to be signed before the shoot. For example, actors grant permission for their image and likeness to be used; writers agree that their work is their own and give permission for the script to be made; etc.

Please note these agreements will need to be signed by ALL cast and crew involved in the project.

Cast and crew who are under 18 years of age will need to have their parent or guardian sign the agreement(s).

What happens during the month?

Weekend 1 is preproduction.

  • The first Saturday includes meeting the other filmmakers, pitching and selection of the film(s) we’ll be making that month.
  • The first Sunday includes preproduction: planning everything for the shoot the next weekend.

Weekend 2 is production.

  • Dependent on the films, we’ll be shooting Saturday and/or Sunday.

Weekend 3 is post production.

  • The director(s) will be working with the editor(s) to finish the picture lock.
  • For everyone else, there is a workshop on marketing and distribution, preparing the films for their future.

Weekend 4 is the screening.

I can’t make all four weekends; is it still worth it?

Definitely. The first two weekends are the most important; the second two are optional.

Weekend 1: Preproduction is where we select the script(s) we’ll be making and allocate roles. Weekend 2: Production is when we’re on set shooting the film. Weekend 3: Postproduction is required for the editor and director; there is an optional workshop for other participants. Weekend 4 is the screening, which is only a couple of hours on Sunday.

If you can’t attend the full day of workshops or the entire shoot, you can still take part. Just let us know in advance.

Note the Director will require a full commitment for every weekend.

What does my fee cover?

There is no such thing as a “no-budget” film. Your fee covers the cost for making the movie: on-set catering, insurance, equipment hire and transport costs, and a minimal art department budget. A portion of the fee covers room hire for the preproduction weekend, the cinema for the screening, and operational costs.

The fee does not cover the cost of submitting the film(s) into film festivals. That cost can be discussed amongst the group

Are there any discounts?

There is a Student Discount. You will have to provide proof of this by emailing with a scanned copy of your student ID card.

If you are only able to take part in some of the project or live outside London, we have additional options. Please see below.

Can I pay on the day?

You can make payment on the day by using Paypal or bank transfer. Please do not bring cash on the day. If you have any difficulties making payments through PayPal, please contact us at

How are roles allocated? 

Action On The Side is a skills development project. We allocate roles based on the skills that participants want to develop (except for the scriptwriter and director roles, which are determined based on pitches). For that reason, we cannot guarantee a particular role on set, but we can guarantee that your skills will develop.

I’m an actor. If I take part, will I be cast in the film?

Due to the nature of the project, we won’t know what roles are available until we select the script. Actors can take part in the project, but we cannot guarantee a role in the film. We encourage actors to take part to learn about behind-the-scenes filmmaking … and maybe get a role.

I’ve been invited to join the AOTS Shoot? Do I need to pay?

In a short answer, no. This fee is for the Actioners taking part in the event. If we’re short of a particular crew or cast member during the month, we will run a casting or post a crew call. If you have been booked through one of these, then you do not have to pay.

We do hope you’ll sign up to our mailing list and take part in our future projects.

I only want to take part in the first weekend’s networking and script development, and cannot take part in the shoot weekend. Is there a discount?

Yes there is a discounted rate for Day 1 Preproduction and Day 2 Preproduction. If you can only make one day and not the rest, then this may be your best option. Otherwise you will need to pay the full fee.

If you pitch a script and it is selected, you will need to be involved with the full project.

Remember, the fee is to cover the cost of making the movie, and helping with preproduction is part of that.

I live outside of London. Can I still take part?

Yes, you can. We often have team members travel from outside London to join us for Weekends 1 and 2. Or, if  you have a script that you want to pitch, we can arrange for you to pitch by video. We’ll contact you with feedback during the weekend, and will phone you on Saturday if your script is selected. There is a fee towards production costs.

I can make most of the project, but have a prior commitment on some of the days. Should I still take part?

Yes, definitely. Email or message us to discuss.

I signed up but now can’t attend. What is the refund policy?

Please view our Refund Policy in more detail here.

We can offer a full refund until 48 hours before Preproduction Day 1. Partial refunds (50%) are available before the end of Preproduction Day 1. After that we cannot offer a refund. We do understand things happen though: email us to discuss.

I have a question that isn’t covered here

Please email or contact us through our Facebook page. We are happy to answer any question and are looking forward to hearing from you.