Refund Policy

Last updated 30 May 2018

When participants register, they register for the next one-month film project.

Refunds are given in the same manner that payment was made (e.g. Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cash payment). Note no refunds may be granted through Paypal more than 60 days after the initial payment was made.

Refunds may only be granted with a written request. Please email outlining your request.

Where a participant is unable to attend the full project, please contact us in the first instance. There is flexibility and a withdrawal from the project may not be a necessity.

If a participant still cannot attend the project, they may postpone their registration until the next project, to a maximum of one postponement, provided their request was made more than 48 hours before the start of the project.

Participants who attend Preproduction Day 1 must pay at least the minimum £30 for attending Day 1. Participants who attend both Preproduction Day 1 and Preproduction Day 2 must at least pay the minimum £30 for attending per day (£60).

The project begins at 11am of Preproduction Day 1.

  • More than 48 hours notice – 100% refund
  • 47-24 hours notice – 80% refund
  • 24 hours until the end of Preproduction Day 1 (23:59) – 50% refund.
  • By the end of Preproduction Day 2 (23:59) – 10% refund
  • After Preproduction Day 2 – no refund

Any queries must be raised in writing to