There are three key roles that control the look of the film: the Director, the Director of Photography, and the Production Designer.

The Art Department includes the set dressing, set build, props, costume, hair and make-up.

On larger film shoots, the head of the Art Department is the Production Designer.

On an Action On The Side shoot, the head of our Art Department is the Art Director.

What does an Art Director do on the AOTS shoots?

The Art Director works with the Director and DP to design the look of the film. They will consider the colour and look of props, dressing of the location, and costume. They work with the Make-up Artist to discuss the look for the film.

They will source props, set dressing, and costume, always working to get the best price. They work with the Producer to maintain the budget for the Art Department. After the shoot, they return hired props and costume.

They will liaise with the actors to ensure they have the correct sized costume. They may arrange a wardrobe fitting before the shoot.

They may have an Art Department Assistant. The Continuity person is sometimes in the Art Department, as they ensure props and costume are the same.

On-set, the Art Director and their team may be on set earlier, to dress the set. They bring in the props and costumes. They take continuity photos of the costumes.