What does a Scriptwriter do on an Action On The Side project?

The Action On The Side project is a great way to get your film idea made.

Script Rules

– Scripts must be original ideas.
– Scripts must be able to be shot across the Production Weekend.
– Scripts must be no more than 10 pages long.

We request that scripts have at least a first draft before being pitched. This is for copyright purposes; you own your original script as long as you have finished your draft.

Can I pitch an idea?

Yes, you can. You may find another person in the group will offer to help you write it. If your idea is short-listed, you may be able to write drafts overnight and present a first draft on Preproduction Day Two.

I haven’t written a script draft before. How do I format it?

There are lots of resources on scriptwriting available. We recommend that you use one of the following programmes to write:

Adobe Story
Final Draft

Note we also run Script Development workshops. Join us and develop your script towards production.

How are films selected?

On Preproduction Day One, any participant can stand up and pitch their script or idea.

We provide training on how to pitch. You will share your logline and why you think we should make your film.

Please note that taking part in the project does not guarantee that your film will be made.
Scripts are subject to group selection.

The pitched ideas are short-listed. The short-listed scripts are read-through. The group then votes democratically on which film or films we will make that month.

Can I pull my script if I change my mind?

Yes. Sometimes we have writers decide that their script is not right for the four-week format, and that they want to spend more time on it. That is absolutely fine.

My film was selected. What happens now?


As part of preproduction, you’ll receive feedback on your script. You may be asked to develop the script and produce a rewrite. Once the Director is selected, you will work with them on script development. You may be asked to create a shooting script: this is a script that includes shot directions and scene numbers, and it makes planning the shoot easier for the First Assistant Director.

You will sign a Release Form, which transfers the script rights to the Executive Producer. For this, you will be credited for your role and will receive a nominal sum of £1. Oh, and your film will be MADE!

Can I direct my film if it was selected?

That is absolutely possible, yes. You will still need to Pitch To Direct to be the Director. This means outlining your vision for the film and how you’ll make it.

I’m the Writer. What do I do on set?

You can do any role on set that you like.