Preproduction Day 1 is when we select the script(s) for the film(s) we will make for the month’s project. Scriptwriters pitch their script ideas. Anyone can pitch an idea. We then shortlist the ideas, read through shortlisted scripts, discuss and select the idea.

In the past, some project participants have not been able to attend Preproduction Day 1.

Rather than miss out on pitching, we have accepted video pitches.

Video pitches can either be prerecorded or a Skype call can be arranged.

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Video pitch from Ryan Bennett @actionontheside

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To submit a video pitch:

  • Make sure you are registered for the project. Once you have registered, you will be added to our private Facebook group, where you can introduce yourself and share your script.
  • Prerecorded: Send your video to
    • Upload your video pitch unlisted to YouTube or Vimeo. Send the Unlisted link to the Organiser. OR
    • Before Preproduction Day 1, email a Dropbox or Google Drive link to your video to the Organiser.
  • Skype: contact the organiser to arrange a time to skype in. You must have a webcam and microphone.

Video pitches are a maximum 5 minutes.

In your pitch, outline:

  • The film’s title;
  • The film’s logline;
  • The film’s genre;
  • What the key beats are (briefly what happens);
  • Where you are at with the script;
  • Why we should make your film;
  • Challenges with making your film.

    • Chris pitching by video


We also accept Pitches to Direct by video, in the event that a participant cannot attend Preproduction Day 2.

Can I pitch my film without taking part in the project?

Effectively yes, you can pitch a short film idea without taking part in making the film.

However you must still register for Preproduction Day 1, regardless of whether your film is selected or not. Your fee will help to make the film, and cannot be refunded.

If your film is selected you must either rewrite the script based on our development notes by  Preproduction Day 2, or allow a co-writer from the group to rewrite your script.

If you have any questions about this process, email