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June 2013

A failing serial killer may have met her match with her latest target. A comedy about finding the right one.

'Elle Fatale' was made as part of Action On The Side June 2013

The aim of the project was to get a group of people together to make a short film within the month of July. Loosely, the plan was:

Week One: Preproduction
Week Two: Production
Week Three: Post-Production
Week Four: Screening

We got together on 06/07 July and nutted out the story. During the week of 07-12 July, we were in preproduction, preparing for the shoot on Saturday 13 July.


Elle - Victoria Ekanoye

Victor - Armando Taveras Da Silva


Puff Pisanwalerd (Visual Director, Writing team)
Mui Vattanasiriporn (DP, Editor, Writing team)
James Lee (DP, Editor, Writing team)
Patricia Hetherington (Producer, First AD, Writing team)
Carmen Cracknell (Production Assistant, Writing team)
Rebecca Gosnell (Writer, Stills Photographer)
Luke Doolin (Clapper Loader, Production Assistant, Writing team)
Samaneh Irani (Art Director)
Percy Ota (Make-up Artist)
Stephen Greaney (Sound Recordist)
Fiona Thomson (Editing team, Writing team)
Rachael Hall (Writing team)

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