November 2019

REDEMPRATOL is a new drug that helps people to forgive. Queues formed on the day of its release, but the Pharmaceutical Pioneer behind it struggles to take her own medicine.

Directed by Sabina Jany
Written by Anthony McKernan
Produced by Patricia Hetherington

Susan - Anna Ruben
David - Sean Buchanan
Larissa - Dora Cara
Interviewer - Mira Yonder
Radio Announcer - Tomi Sunmonu
Professor Ahmed - Iqbal Kabir
Journalist - Esther O'Loughlin
Photographer - Chris Bourton
Crew Member - Roman Shepel

First Assistant Director - Segun Akinwoleola
Production Assistant - Esther O'Loughlin
Director of Photography - Gavin Farlie
Camera Operator - Raphaël Cabon
Assistant Camera - Mary Waireri, Mira Vladimirova
Gaffer - Rosie Grant
Art Directors - Mira Vladimirova, Mary Waireri
Make Up Artist - Ramone Truong
Sound Recordist - Anthony McKernan
Script Supervisor - Alex Walton-Keeffe
Stills Photographer - Chris Bourton
Poster Designer - Chris Parker
Editor - Alex Walton-Keeffe
Sound Designer - Mira Vladimirova
Music Composed by Raphaël Cabon

MIY Collaboration Centre
Oleg Akberdin
Paul Bain
Bernard Bain
Osbon Pharmacy
Paul Copley

This film was made as part of ACTION ON THE SIDE July 2019

The events depicted in this movie are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. Busy Kiwi Productions Ltd, All rights reserved, 2019


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