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March 2018

The life of a woman with dementia is turned upside down when she receives the latest postcard from her travelling girlfriend. A drama about family, and the impact of technology on dementia.

This is the 21st short film produced by Action On The Side Weekend Filmmaking project, March 2018

Preproduction weekend: 03/04 March 2018
Production weekend: 10/11 March 2018
Premiere Screening: Saturday 7 April 2018

Stine Olsen (Anna)
Isabella Stevenson-Olds (Sara)
Marina Kolokolova (Petra, Alexa voice)

Cristina Mindroiu (Writer, Director)
Patricia Hetherington (Producer, Sound Designer)
Alicia Suarez (First Assistant Director)
Leyla Alizada (Production Assistant)
Gavin Farlie (Director of Photography, Editor)
Chris Hosker (First Assistant Camera)
Layla Romic (Camera Assistant, Lighting Technician)
Jabari Sandy (Camera Assistant, Lighting Technician)
Camran Mirza (Camera Assistant, Lighting Technician)
Hamed Torabi (Sound Recordist)
Ali Kazai (Sound Recordist)
Rebecca Whyte (Makeup Artist)
Inez Clark (Makeup Artist)
Chris Bourton (Stills Photographer)
Leon Salem (Composer)

St Margaret’s House
Chris Ahmad
Alex Newman

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