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Action On The Side presents...

The AOTS 48 Hour
Film Competition

5-7 July 2024

AOTS 48HR (1).png

Get Your Team Together

From 8pm Friday 5th to 8pm Sunday 7th July 2024, your team will have only 48 hours to make your entry.

The films must be 5-7 minutes (including credits), in your allocated genre, and include the random elements

48 hours to
write, shoot, edit, and submit

The Kick-Off

7pm-8pm Friday 5th July

streamed online and at
House of Transformation
Kingsland Road, Haggerston, E2 8AX, London

where we will give you tips and tricks, allocate the genres, and announce the random elements

The event will be livestreamed for registered teams based outside of London and outside the UK


Register Your Team Now!

Your team can be as big or as small as you want. 

Filming at Dusk

don't have a team?
We Got You!

If you're based in London, you can join register to join a team on the day.

You must attend the kick-off event.

You'll be put into a team with other people in the same boat.

Previous Competitions

The Rules

These are the requirements for the competition

Old-Fashioned Clock


Your entry must be no shorter than 5 minutes and no longer than 7 minutes (including credits)

Random Objects

Random Elements

Your film must clearly include the three random elements announced at the kick-off event: the line of dialogue, the prop, and the shot or filmmaking technique

Image by Aleks Marinkovic

English Language

Films must be in English or have English Subtitles

Production Crew


Every person involved in the film must be credited in the film: all cast and crew (not background talent though)

Signing a Contract

Chain Of Title

You must prove chain of title for your film. That means each person involved must sign the release form and music must be original or fair use (creative commons).

Video Editing


Your entry must be uploaded to Vimeo and submitted to FilmFreeway by the deadline 
(8pm GMT Sunday 7th July) to be eligible for the awards

Car Lights


Your film must recognisably fit the genre you are allocated. It can be mixed with another genre. Be creative!

Smiling Student in Lecture

Volunteers Only

No member of your team or person involved in the production can be paid for their work. Everyone is taking part on a voluntary basis



Your film cannot be made available to the public until the selection notifications or after the screening 

Movie Fun


The top teams will have their entry screened in a West London Cinema
(venue very close to being announced)

Screening & Awards Ceremony


Sunday 4th August, 2024

The Awards Announcement will be livestreamed to teams

The top teams will get support to distribute their film, laurels for their poster, and be up for prizes, including:








The Best Film will win the grand trophy

Film show
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