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Support our mission

Action On The Side is designed to support filmmakers in developing their skills, growing their network, and telling their stories.

We want to hear from organisations and individuals who want to support our mission and help us reach a wider audience.

How to get involved

These are some of the ways you can support Action On The Side and what we do


We can run our filmmaking project in your city or with your organisation or team.


Locations are our biggest challenge: for the preprooduction workshops, for filming, and for the screening. 

Product Placement

We can promote your business with costume, props, set design, and even with our stories. 


We can make stories that help spread your message into the world, on a topic of your choosing.


You may like to sponsor an award, such as for our 48-hour film competition or short screenplay competition.


We can collaborate with you and your organisation, such as when we offer work experience opportunities.

Thanks for submitting!

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