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collaboration for filmmakers and composers

Cinema SoundEx is a collaboration between composers and filmmakers that you can take part in from anywhere in the world.

Here's how it works:

First cycle

Filmmakers submit a 60-second silent film

Composers submit a 60-second recorded piece

Second cycle

The filmmakers are provided with one piece of music; the composers are provided with one silent film

Filmmakers have 3 weeks to make a 60-second film to their given piece of music​

Composers have 3 weeks to create a soundtrack to their given silent film


The completed films will be uploaded and shared on our Vimeo channel, and we will arrange a screening of the best films.


There will be a small administration fee to take part in Cinema SoundEX. We intend to run the first project in April. 

Call for expressions of interest

Complete our form at http://bit.ly/cinemase or click the button below