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The Screening Room

All of the films we have made since Action On The Side began in June 2013

Coming Clean
March 2024

A recluse with a violent secret must stand up to his gangster boss to save his friend, an ex-junkie who is trying to get him clean. 

10 min | UK | Crime | Horror

The Ealing 48
November 2023

The inaugural Action On The Side 48 Hour Film Competition

Cinema SoundEX
September-October 2023

Filmmakers and Composers collaborated to make a series of 60-second short films

A Winter Barbecue
March 2020

A father must cook a feast for his family on the most important day of their lives. A heartwarmingly bleak film about family.

12 min | UK | Sci-Fi | Drama

July 2019

REDEMPRATOL is a new drug that helps people to forgive. Queues formed on the day of its release, but the Pharmaceutical Pioneer behind it struggles to take her own medicine.

11 min | UK | Sci-Fi | Drama

March 2019

The love story between two celebrity stalkers faces hurdles: can they overcome them to stay together?

7 mins | UK | Romantic Comedy

Hunting Rabbits
November 2018

The conversation between an abusive farmer and his teenage daughter pushes one of them to the brink. A horror about manipulation.

7 mins | UK | Horror

Kill Jill
June 2018

After forgetting his money on an expensive date, a desperate man decides the only option is to kill his date.

9 mins | UK | dark romantic comedy

The Last Postcard
March 2018

The life of a woman with dementia is turned upside down when she receives the latest postcard from her travelling girlfriend. A drama about family and the impact of technology on dementia.

11 mins | UK | Drama

Down Below
November 2017

Refugees in a post-apocalyptic future, two sisters must make the ultimate decision: one or both will die.

10 mins | UK | Sci fi | War | Drama

June 2017

A photographer tests the boundaries of art to find the ultimate subject
UK | Thriller | 7min

Forgive Me Not
February 2017

Four strangers wake chained in a basement. They must solve the puzzle before time runs out.

9 mins | UK | Mystery | Crime | Thriller

Be My Valentine
February 2017

 A picnic on Valentine's Day needs flowers. A romantic film about love and life.

6 mins | UK | Romance

October 2016

If a phonebox rang, would you pick up the phone?

3 mins | UK | Horror

The Darkness Without
October 2016

The back garden of an insomniac night worker's house is mysteriously in darkness during the blaring sun of summer. The exhausted woman is drawn to the peaceful night of this mystery.

11 mins | UK | Sci-Fi | Mystery

Locked In
June 2016

An agoraphobic woman is taunted by mysterious photos of herself appearing through a locked door.

9 mins | UK | psychological thriller

Tinder Will Understand
March 2016

An anonymous one-night stand goes horribly wrong due to a medical emergency.

5 mins | UK | mature | relationship | comedy

March 2016

An aspiring actress must choose between her jealous boyfriend's wishes and the director's requirements of a scene.

11 mins | UK | relationship | drama

November 2015

A patient and a psychiatrist: but who is controlling whom?

6 mins | UK | psychological thriller

November 2015

A woman thinks she has found the perfect time to confess to her best friend that she loves him.

3 mins | UK | relationship drama

The Baby Gun
October 2015

The aftermath of a mass shooting impacts the lives of many different people.

5 mins | UK | drama

Drunk Dialling
July 2015

Film buff Lucy causes chaos in Max's life when she drunkenly phones the wrong number. After a heated conversation and garnering support from their friends, the two enemies find themselves on a blind date.

11 mins | UK | comedy

Arms Trade
February 2015

After a night of partying, best friends Troy and Sean wake to find they have swapped an arm.

9 mins | UK | comedy

November 2014

A man is haunted by a psychopathic missing person's leaflet.

8 mins | UK | horror | comedy

Life Lines
August 2014

Homeless and wayward, Brel seeks structure. He joins an organisation that gives you a daily script to follow. The consistency of his new life turns to mundanity, saved only by working with the beguiling Mori - a woman with a past who wants to just stick to the script.

13 mins | UK | Sci-Fi | Romance

February 2014

A man is caught in a timeloop. He has to escape, by any means necessary. Perhaps the homeless woman outside knows the answer?

7 mins | UK | sci-fi | mystery | thriller

Office Ugetsu
February 2014

A disgruntled employee must pass his annoying colleagues to hand in his voluntary resignation before the deadline.
Sometimes office fantasies are the only way to get through the day…

6 mins | UK | comedy | drama

October 2013

SOAP: The UK's leading brand of home cleaning products. Nothing washes away your troubles like SOAP, because it's purely for you.

5 mins | UK | social commentary | drama

October 2013

A new app provides information on whoever you snap. But Kate must find out why her boyfriend has a different name when she snaps him. A mystery about technology.

13 mins | UK | Sci-fi | Mystery | Relationship | Drama

Facetracker PSA
October 2013

The new Facetracker app shows you all of the online photos that you have appeared in. A public service announcement highlighting the dangers of technology.

2 mins | UK | Sci-fi | Social Commentary

June 2013

A young woman explores her experiences of living with an Amnesiac partner.

2 mins | UK | Drama

Elle Fatale
June 2013

A failing serial killer may have met her match with her latest target. A comedy about finding the right one.

8 mins | UK | Dark Comedy

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