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Anthology Feature Film Project

Action On The Side is making a feature film! 

We are developing an anthology feature made up of short films around the theme of FAMILY. This is a long-term project. The goal is to tell engaging stories that are universal but unique and to support up-and-coming filmmakers.

An Anthology Film

A long-term project to support new voices, tell engaging stories, and provide opportunities for UK filmmakers.

Call For Scripts

We are looking for excellent short film scripts to make up this feature film. 

  • Short film scripts must be original material or based on works in the public domain;

  • Scripts must be 5 to 15 pages.

  • The script should be able to be shot in London or surrounding counties for a budget of no more than £10k or within the UK (outside London) for a budget of no more than £15k.  

  • Scripts can be of any genre but must include the theme of family.

  • Scripts must be in industry formatting and submitted as a pdf.

The film is being made on a micro-budget. We will be seeking investment and raising funds. 

Selected Scripts

  • The selected scriptwriters will receive a small fee as consideration. There will be a contract with Busy Kiwi Productions Ltd for the exclusive rights to the work: please consider this when submitting.

  • The selected scriptwriters will be credited for their work with a 'written by' credit.

  • The selected scriptwriters will be asked to work with the Producer(s) and Director(s) to develop the screenplay, with an agreed number of rewrites outlined in the contract.

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