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Coming Clean

March 2024

A recluse with a violent secret must stand up to his gangster boss to save his friend, an ex-junkie who is trying to get him clean. A short film about human connection, addiction and dependency.

10 min | UK | Crime | Horror

Written by Gabriella Willby

Directed by Maiya Sabapathy - Andrews

Produced by Patricia Hetherington

Filmed 9+10 March 2024

Premiered 24 March 2024

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Screening and Networking
Screening and Networking
24 Mar 2024, 18:30 – 20:30
Peckham Levels,
95a Rye Ln, London SE15 4ST, UK



David Anthony Barr as Charlie

Tom Argus as Keyser

Emma Giles as Nina

Mahnoor Hasnain as Woman on date

Director of Photography: Gavin Farlie

Camera Assistants: Chris Parker, Gabriella Wilby, Chris Bourton
DIT: Patricia Hetherington
Script Supervisors: Rosie Grant, A. D. Cooper

First Assistant Directors: Mayya Lukianenko, Mahnoor Hasnain

Production Designers: Mahnoor Hasnain, Mayya Lukianenko

Hair and Make-up Artist: Harry Capdevielle
Sound Recordists: Tom Argus, Rosie Grant
Script Editor: A. D. Cooper

Editor: Gavin Farlie
Sound Designer: Vika Vinnikova
Titles Designer: Patricia Hetherington
Poster Designer: Chris Parker

Stills Photographer: Chris Bourton, d0vzhenko

Featuring original music by Max Cervellino 

Mandie Wilde, OPEN Southall

Vivian Gwaspari, Ross Bayliss

Sandrine Esteban

Kath Kirkland, Suzie Chadwick

Phil Stewart

Rosa, Adella, & Irene

This film was made as part of Action On The Side March 2024
The events depicted in this movie are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.
Busy Kiwi Productions Ltd, all rights reserved, 2024

Behind the Scenes

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