November 2017

Refugees in a post-apocalyptic future, two sisters must make the ultimate decision: one or both will die.

Written by Anna Tyko
Directed by Cristina Mindroiu
Produced by Patricia Hetherington
Starring Sophie Faurie and Lucy Williams

This film was made as part of Action On The Side November 2017. 

Lucy Williams (Mary)
Sophie Faurie (Elizabeth)
Adisa (Charles Mugoya)

Stine Olsen (Refugee, African woman voice, BBC Presenter voice)
Armando Tavares Da Silva (American reporter voice)
Leyla Alizada (Refugee)
Christopher Parker (Refugee)
Anna Söder (Refugee)

Anna Tyko (Writer, Script Supervisor)
Cristina Mindroiu (Director)
Patricia Hetherington (Producer)
Deidre Garcia (First Assistant Director)
Leyla Alizada (Assistant Producer)
Priyanka Rajendram (Associate Producer)
Gavin Farlie (Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Designer)
Christopher Parker (First Assistant Camera)
Nirusha Wijayamohan (Second Assistant Camera)
Hamed Torabi (Sound Recordist)
Yasmin Munro (Makeup Artist)
Chris Bourton (Stills Photographer)

Featuring 'Scarborough Fair'
Performed and recorded by Gavin Farlie

Jabari Sandy
St. Margaret's House
James Champion

The events depicted in this movie are fictitious.
Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

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