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The Ealing 48

8pm (UK Time) Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th November

Teams had just 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and submit a 5-7 minute short film. 

Their film had to be in the genre allocated to the team. The genres included Shakespearean, Feel Good, Supernatural Horror, Dystopian, Espionage / Spy Thriller, War, and Superhero.


All of the films had to include a prop (a photo frame), a line of dialogue ("the most important thing to remember is..."), and a shot or filmmaking technique (a freeze frame). 

The random elements and genres were announced at the Kick-Off Event, 7pm-8pm, Friday 3rd November, at OPEN Ealing. Guest Speakers included A.D. Cooper (Hurcheon Films) on how to tell a good story and Neal Romanek (The Flint Media) on sustainable filmmaking.

The films premiered in a limited screening on Sunday 26th November 2023 at ActOne Cinema in Acton, Ealing. 

A special thanks to our team of Judges for watching and rating the entries.

Team: Project Lockout
Title: Play On
Genre: Shakespearean
Winner: Best Cinematography
Winner: Best Performance (Evie Taylor)
Winner: Best Soundtrack


Team: Born To Be Lonely
Film: Wyrd Kitchen
Genre: Shakespearean
Winner: Best Editing

Team: Mount Drive Productions
Title: What We Hold Dear
Genre: Dystopian
Winner: Best Screenplay

Team: The Victories
Title: Here One Minute
Genre: Supernatural Horror


Team: Dancing On The Ealing
Title: Landlord
Genre: Espionage / Spy Thriller

PW: Landlord


Team: The Full Send Makers
Title: Puppetemo
Genre: Superhero

Team: Bread and Sushi
Title: Don't Forget
Genre: Shakespearean

PW: 1234

Team: LondonLens Legends
Title: Super Date
Genre: Superhero  


Team: Persian Basket
Title: Ghosting 101
Genre: Feelgood


Team: Bad Idea
Title: Marking Time
Genre: War


Team: Up and Coming
Title: Stay Strong
Genre: Dystopian

PW: staystrong


The Screening & Awards

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