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October 2013

A new app has been created: login, and see any pictures that have been taken of you that appear on social media. This PSA is about the dangers of technology, as the actress in the app's commercial uses the app to stalk her crush.

The concept was created and story developed during the weekend of 05/06 October. The film was shot on 13 October 2013 in London Bridge and Russell Square, London. It was premiered on 28 October 2013.


Tracey: Alana Ellen Henderson

Tom: Armando Taveras Da Silva

Yusuf (Developer): Yusuf Bhaimia


Saruta Puff Pisanwalerd

Carl Ward-Reid

Melissa Phillips

Francesca Ioppolo

James Lee

James Morgan

Patricia Hetherington


Writing Team

Alana Ellen Henderson

Becky O’Connor

Bernat Amengual

James Lee

James Morgan

Lauren Young

Joel Enfield

Mui Vattanasiriporn

Patricia Hetherington

Saruta Puff Pisanwalerd

Yusuf Bhaimia

Writer, Director: Joel Enfield

Producer, Second Assistant Director: Saruta Puff Pisanwalerd

Executive Producer, First Assistant Director: Patricia Hetherington

Executive Producer: James Doherty

Director of Photography, Editor: Mui Vattanasiriporn

Camera Assistant: Carl Ward-Reid

Hair/Make-up Artist: Francesca Ioppolo

Sound Mixer: Emmett Glynn

Boom Operator: Hannas Waldabugini

Art & Production Department, VFX Artist: James Lee

Continuity, Production Assistant: James Morgan


“Favorite Secrets” by Waylon Thornton

“Little Wolf” by Uncle Lew

“Teenager” by Apache Dropout


Jenny Bowden

Hult International Business School

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