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November 2018

Action On The Side presents HUNTING RABBITS, our November 2018 short film

The conversation between an abusive farmer and his teenage daughter pushes one of them to the brink. A horror about manipulation.

Starring Paul Duncan, Isabella Stevenson-Olds, and Stine Olsen
Directed by Mary Waireri
Written & Produced by Patricia Hetherington

Paul Duncan (Albert)
Isabella Stevenson-Olds (Sally)
Stine Olsen (Fran)

Sabrina Duffy (Assistant Producer, Behind the scenes Videographer, Stills Photographer)
Joyce Kremer (First Assistant Director, Titles Designer, Poster Designer)
Gavin Farlie (Cinematographer)
Lina Alvarez (1st AC)
Chris Hosker (Gaffer)
Dimitra Anastopoulou (Spark)
Lucy Cole (Art Director)
Layla Doone (Makeup Artist)
Anthony McKernan (Sound Recordist, Sound Designer)
Diana Govina (Production Assistant)
Daniel Marsen (Production Assistant)
Jason Phillips (Runner)
Alex Newman (Editor)
Leon Salem (Composer)
Jamie McKernan (Colourist)

St Margaret's House
The Christine Blundell Make Up Academy
Uniforms & Weapons Emporium UK
Paul Giordano
Josh Pappenheim
Guido Lippe

Filmed on location in Stock, Essex

This film was made as part of
November 2018
The events depicted in this movie are fictitious.
Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.
Busy Kiwi Productions Ltd
All rights reserved, 2018

This script was written in 2014 and rewritten in 2018. It was pitched and selected on 03/04 November 2018. It was shot on location Saturday 10 November. It was screened at a cast and crew screening on Sunday 25 November.
The film was updated in March 2019. The updated version was screened on Sunday 25 March.


Long Island Film Expo (LIIFE), USA, 15 July 2019. Nominated for best foreign film and best story. 

Cinema World Fest Awards, Canada Winter 2019. Winner of 7 awards.

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