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June 2018

Action On The Side presents KILL JILL

After forgetting his money on an expensive date, a desperate man decides the only option is to kill his date. A dark comedy.

Written & Directed by Jeremiah Towolawi
Produced by Patricia Hetherington

Shay Akin (GRAHAM)
Shereener Browne (JILL)
Tamara Semple-Morris (MEGHAN)
Robert Kiraly (WAITER)

Tam Paul-Worika (First Assistant Director)
Christina Tutty (Script Supervisor)
Gavin Farlie (Director of Photography)
Sabrina Duffy (1st Assistant Camera)
Lina Alvarez (2nd Assistant Camera)
Jamie McKernan (Gaffer)
Anthony McKernan (Sound Recordist)
Lori Cunningham (Assistant Sound Recordist, Art Department Assistant)
Jamie Wu (Production Assistant, Producer's Assistant Intern, Assistant Sound Recordist)
Chris Parker (Art Director)
Lily Hollingworth (Make-Up Artist)
Alexander Wiseman (Stills Photographer, Social Media Marketing Assistant Intern)
Alex Newman (Editor)
Adam Adams (Sound Design)
Arman Khan (Visual Effects Artist)

Trieste - Josh Lippi & The Overtimers
The Black Cat - Aaron Kenny
Lachaim - Kevin MacLeod
As I Figure - Graham Phoem
Sand Castles - The Green Orbs
Creative Commons Attribution Licence 4.0 (    

St Margaret's House
The Chelsea Pensioner
This film was made as part of ACTION ON THE SIDE June 2018


The events depicted in this movie are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. 
Busy Kiwi Productions Ltd, All rights reserved, 2018    

Action On The Side June 2018
Make a short film in a month

This film was pitched & selected on 02 June 2018;
Shot on 09/10/17 June 2018;
and premiered on 30 June 2018.

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