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Next short film project

Who else is chomping at the bit to get filming??

Our last one-month short filmmaking project was March 2020! -- that's over 18 months ago!

The very day after we finished shooting A Winter Barbecue in Chesham, the United Kingdom entered its first lockdown. We were fortunate to get the film shot in time. Postproduction all occurred online, and we had an online release instead of an in-person screening.

Since then, we have been working in the background.

  • We oversaw the sound design and re-release of A Winter Barbecue;

  • We ran Work Experience for Media students;

  • We ran two fundraising online pub quizzes;

  • We followed the changing rules for filming during Covid.

Based on the rules for filming, we decided it would be too difficult to run the short film project whilst keeping participants safe from Coronavirus. Even with the increase in vaccinations and testing, there are ethical and safety concerns with bringing together random people from different bubbles and asking about vaccination statuses. The updated shooting guidelines means it will be extremely difficult for us to source a shoot location within 5 days (part of our filmmaking challenge).

What this means

When we return, the project will look a bit different. We will source a location in advance, or the project will be 5-6 weeks: with an extra week for preproduction and location scouting.

When will we return?

We are currently looking to run the short filmmaking project in early 2022, around February/March

Keep an eye here for updates and make sure you are on our mailing list.

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