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Quick AOTS update

Action On The Side has taken a bit of a break during the pandemic lockdown. Here are a few updates from us.

Our March 2020 short, A Winter Barbecue, has a new sound designer working on it. We will announce when the film is ready for rerelease.

We're currently reviewing the new rules for shooting in the Covid era. This will affect our projects. Our next one-month filmmaking project is scheduled for October 2020. We will provide more information when it is ready. We're aware that our project formula will need to change to meet the new filming standards.

We are running fortnightly online script development sessions on Sunday afternoons. These are relaxed sessions to review script drafts and develop screenwriting technique. The next one is this coming Sunday.

We are developing our Cinema SoundEx project to run within the next two months. More details to come. If you are interested, make sure you fill out our expression of interest.

We are also developing new projects and opportunities. More details will be shared here once they are ready.

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