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July 2015

Film buff Lucy causes chaos in Max's life when she drunkenly phones the wrong number. After a heated conversation and garnering support from their friends, the two enemies find themselves on a blind date.


Rose Reynolds (Lucy)
NP (Max)
Rosie Wilson Sidlauskas (Molly)
Joshua Jacob (Jake)
Jess Nesling (Susan)

Rosie Grant (Writer, Director)
Patricia Hetherington (Producer, First Assistant Director)
Aude Konan (Script Editor)
Guido Lippe (Script Advisor)
Fiona Thomson (Director of Photography)
Camran Mirza (Camera Assistant)
Adrian Lund (Camera Assistant, Lighting Assistant)
Samuele Bergamini (Lighting Assistant, Sound Recordist)
Cem Hurrell (Sound Recordist)
Chris Parker (Script Supervisor)
Joseph Abisayo (Production Assistant)
Sandy Horn (Production Assistant)
Imran Lota (Production Assistant)
Jide Abisayo (Preproduction Assistant)
Luke Doolin (Preproduction Assistant)
Kimey McCombie (Preproduction Assistant)
Peter Owen Brook (Editor)
Samuel J Taylor (Editor)
Max Hunter (Sound Mixer)
Christopher J Ward (Composer)

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