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August 2014

Homeless and wayward, Brel seeks structure. He joins an organisation that gives you a daily script to follow. The consistency of his new life turns to mundanity, saved only by working with the beguiling Mori - a woman with a past who wants to just stick to the script. 

This empowering drama comes from 18-year-old writer/director Tunbi Oluyede. 

The script was pitched and developed the weekend of 02/03 August 2014
The film was shot on 09/10 and 17 August 2014.
The film was premiered on 24 August 2014

Tunbi was influenced by such films as 'The Place Beyond The Pines' and 'No Country For Old Men'.

BREL - Tom Sawyer
MORI - Sophie Hopkins
NOA - Armando Tavares Da Silva


Writer/Director/Producer/Co-Editor - Tunbi Oluyede
Producer/Titles - Josh Pappenheim
Executive Producer/First Assistant Director - Patricia Hetherington
Director of Photography - Fiona Thomson
Gaffer - Mona Felicia Zaw
Continuity/Script Supervisor - Chris Parker
Clapper Loader - James Morgan
Sound Recordist/Co-Editor - Catalina Vélez
Art Department/Production Assistant - Rebecca O'Connor
Preproduction Assistant - Ainsley Brown
Composer - Mark Hafford

James Doherty
Jenny Bowden
Hult International Business School
The Morgan Family
Middlesex University
Victor Adebodun
Tabitha Quitman

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