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We are proud to announce our March 2020 project, A WINTER BBQ

A dedicated father must cook a feast for his family before time runs out. A heartwarming and bleak story about family.

(what do you think about the title and logline? does it sound like a film you’d want to see?)

Written & Produced by Patricia Hetherington

Directed by Mary Waireri

We are shooting in Chesham (zone 9, Metropolitan line). If applying for any of the posts below, please factor that in.

To apply, email with a headshot and/or link to your online profile (e.g. Spotlight, Mandy, StarNow) with a showreel (if you have one). Indicate which role you are applying for, and confirm your availability this weekend. Please email before 12pm Tuesday (quick turnaround), but asap. Cast would ideally be available for a rehearsal on Thurday evening.

Casting Call

Child, ideally 8-10, but we are open to different ages. Any ethnicity. A curious child who has lived a sheltered life. The character has been written as DANIEL, but can be DANIELLE. A parent or guardian must be on set as chaperone. £

HAL, a stiff-upper-lipped portly dad, late 40s. The protagonist. A man struggling with a huge change in life circumstances who doesn't know how to show his family he loves them, other than to cook a huge feast. Ethnicity unknown (casting is dependent on the child actor, but please do apply).

BECKY, anxious but stoic to protect her family, 40s. Also struggling with the huge change in her life circumstances, but focusing on keeping it together as best she can. Ethnicity unknown (casting is dependent on the child actor, but please do apply).

Action On The Side projects are unpaid. We cover travel expenses, provide catering on set, and you get an IMDb credit. The film is completed within one month (screening 29 March), and you receive showreel material straight after that. Please contact us with any enquiries (

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