Last weekend we shot A WINTER BBQ in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Here is a Facebook Live video that we made on set...

Check out the Winter BBQ Page for behind the scenes photos from our Stills Photographer, Chris Bourton (@d0vzhenko).

The film is currently in postproduction. Our Editor, Gavin Farlie (who was also the DP), is working with the Director, Mary Waireri, to refine the cut. We have a Sound Designer and Composer who are going to work on the film this week. The film is currently running around 11 minutes.

This weekend we had an online two-hour postproduction weekend workshop with some of the participants, introducing them to the basics of editing in Premiere Pro.

We regret to advise that our screening on March 29th has been cancelled due to the global pandemic. The film will still be released online on March 29th and we will be asking for your feedback on it. Keep an eye on this site!

We have rebooked our screening at Close-Up Cinema to October 25th, with our October project.

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