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Looking forward to 2024

Happy New Year!!

Looking back at 2023, it's been a good year.

We had the Short Screenplay Award, Cinema SoundEX, and the Ealing 48 film competition.

We've run regular fortnightly script development workshops.

Plus we've been actively using Groups on this site to connect to our members.

What's ahead for 2024?

We can't announce everything now, because some things are still in the works. But what we can tell you is...

  • More regular script development workshops, both in person and online;

  • the one-month filmmaking project, running in London and elsewhere (details to come);

  • Cinema SoundEX

  • The Short Screenplay Award

  • The Action On The Side 48-hour challenge

Even two days into the new year, we've updated our website to include a neater Screening Room, a Policies page, and a Sponsorship page. We've posted the Ealing 48 Films with pictures from the screening event, and we've shared the Cinema SoundEX films.

In other news, A Winter Barbecue is in the London Lift-Off Festival. Tickets can be bought until 5th January (and you'll get access to over 100 short films as well).

If you want to be involved in the next Action On The Side short film production, make sure you sign up for our March 2024 project!

and if you want to make your own experimental short film or soundtrack, join us for the Winter Cinema SoundEX. Only a few days to go!

There's lots on - join us for it!

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