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04 May 2024, 10:00
Sheffield City Centre

Action On The Side comes to Yorkshire

In 2024, we are proud to bring our bespoke one-month weekend filmmaking project to Sheffield. This is the first time we've run the project outside of London. We look forward to working with local filmmakers, film students, and film aficionados to make a short narrative film across four weekends: Pitch & Preproduction, Production, Post Production, and Screening.

The project runs in May 2024. 

  • Weekend 1 (Bank Holiday weekend 04/05 May) is the Pitch & Preproduction, where we select the film we'll make, allocate roles, and plan for-

  • Weekend 2 (11/12 May) is Production, where we film the short;

  • Weekend 3 (18/19 May) is Post Production, where we get picture lock on the edit; and

  • Weekend 4 (25 or 26 May) is the Screening, where we premiere the film.

Weekend 1 is held at Orchard Square in Central Sheffield; the Production weekend location will depend on the film we select; the Post Production weekend is virtual; and the screening location is tba.

Find out more about the project, including the FAQs, at this page. Key points include:

  • there is a fee to take part, which covers the cost to make the film;

  • this is a skills development project: it is for people who want to grow their network, gain experience, build credits and showreel material, and learn all the stages of production in a real-world setting;

  • you don't have to take part in all four weekends: the first two weekends are most important;

  • if you want to take part but have challenges attending, please contact us, as we have some flexibility;

  • if you have a script you want to pitch but you cannot take part in the project, you can submit the screenplay and pitch as part of our Short Script Award.

Action On The Side has produced 30 short films since July 2013 with the one-month filmmaking project. We have expanded to include short training workshops, a 48-hour film competition, Cinema SoundEX, script development workshops, a short screenplay award, internships and work experience. 

Please contact us if you have any queries, on hello[at]

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