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March 2024: Preproduction Weekend in Southall

Just under one month until the March 2024 project begins...

Our bespoke one-month filmmaking project is designed for:

  • filmmakers who want to pitch their own short film (making a film in a low-risk environment at a much cheaper cost than making it by yourself);

  • filmmakers who are new to London and want to grow their network;

  • filmmakers who work in one area but want to develop their skills in another (for instance, an editor who wants to direct, an AD who wants to work in camera);

  • new entrants and film students who want to experience being on set;

  • filmmakers who want to find future collaborators for larger projects; and

  • people who want to get into filmmaking and learn all the stages of film production (much cheaper than a film school).

The fee for taking part in the project covers the budget for making the film.

Does this sound like the project for you? Or for someone you know?

You can share the event with others with Facebook.

We are very excited to run the Preproduction Weekend (Saturday March 2nd and Sunday March 3rd at OPEN Southall.

The OPEN logo for OPEN Southall and OPEN Ealing

OPEN Southall is located in Parkside Yards, Seva Drive, UB1 1GH.

The location is easy to get to via public transport: a 15 minute walk from Southall Train Station (Elizabeth Line), or Uxbridge Road if you are travelling by bus. If you are driving to the venue, there is a car park (park for 4 hours, then a low cost after that, ~£1 p/hr).

The outdoor area at OPEN Southall, with graphics reading OPEN SOUTHALL: Parkside Yards - Welcome to our new creative hub in the heart of Southall

We understand this location may be difficult to reach for some participants. If the preproduction weekend location is a barrier, please contact Action On The Side to discuss (

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